Line, Tank Location & Inspect


Experts To Locate and Inspect Your Sewer Line Or Septic Tank

Turn to the professionals at DrainWorks when you need to locate and inspect your sewer line or septic tank. Our experts use a CCTV camera to inspect and to get a clear view of the interior of your sewer line. If needed, we can repair your sewer line or septic tank. We can also help you with the mortgage letter. Call us to learn more about our services.

Why You Should Hire Us For Your Sewer Line Location and Inspection Work

  • Minimally-invasive pipe and sewer inspection
  • Tank locating
  • Mortgage letters
  • Video inspection
  • Friendly customer services
24/7 Services!
Call us at 205-790-7544
Get your sewer line or septic tank inspected with the help of our experts.

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